Release History

0.3.7 (2016-03-10)

Major changes

changed Per-location configuration overrides improved. All technology constraints can now be set on a per-location basis, as can costs. This applies to the following settings:

  • techname.x_map
  • techname.constraints.*
  • techname.constraints_per_distance.*
  • techname.costs.*

The following settings cannot be overridden on a per-location basis:

  • Any other options directly under techname, such as techname.parent or techname.carrier
  • techname.costs_per_distance.*
  • techname.depreciation.*

Other changes

  • fixed Improved installation instructions
  • fixed Pyomo 4.2 API compatibility
  • fixed Other minor fixes

0.3.6 (2015-09-23)

  • fixed Version 0.3.5 changes were not reflected in tutorial

0.3.5 (2015-09-18)

Major changes

new New constraint to constrain total (model-wide) installed capacity of a technology (e_cap.total_max), in addition to its per-node capacity (e_cap.max)

changed Removed the level option for locations. Level is now implicitly derived from the nested structure given by the within settings. Locations that define no or an empty within are implicitly at the topmost (0) level.

changed backwards-incompatible Revised configuration of capacity constraints: e_cap_max becomes e_cap.max, addition of e_cap.min and e_cap.equals (analogous for r_cap, s_cap, rb_cap, r_area). The e_cap.equals constraint supersedes e_cap_max_force (analogous for the other constraints). No backwards-compatibility is retained, models must change all constraints to the new formulation. See Technology constraints for a complete list of all available constraints. Some additional constraints have name changes:

  • e_cap_max_scale becomes e_cap_scale
  • rb_cap_follows becomes rb_cap_follow, and addition of rb_cap_follow_mode
  • s_time_max becomes s_time.max

changed backwards-incompatible All optional constraints are now grouped together, under constraints.optional:

  • constraints.group_fraction.group_fraction becomes constraints.optional.group_fraction
  • constraints.ramping.ramping_rate becomes constraints.optional.ramping_rate

Other changes

  • new analysis.map_results function to extract solution details from multiple parallel runs
  • new Various other additions to analysis functionality, particularly in the analysis_utils module
  • new analysis.get_levelized_cost to get technology and location specific costs
  • new Allow dynamically loading time mask functions
  • changed Improved summary table in the model solution: now shows only aggregate information for transmission technologies, also added missing s_cap column and technology type
  • fixed Bug causing some total levelized transmission costs to be infinite instead of zero
  • fixed Bug causing some CSV solution files to be empty

0.3.4 (2015-04-27)

  • fixed Bug in construction and fixed O&M cost calculations in operational mode

0.3.3 (2015-04-03)

Major changes

changed In preparation for future enhancements, the ordering of location levels is flipped. The top-level locations at which balancing takes place is now level 0, and may contain level 1 locations. This is a backwards-incompatible change.

changed backwards-incompatible Refactored time resolution adjustment functionality. Can now give a list of masks in the run configuration which will all be applied, via time.masks, with a base resolution via time.resolution (or instead, as before, load a resolution series from file via time.file). Renamed the time_functions submodule to time_masks.

Other changes

  • new Models and runs can have a name
  • changed More verbose calliope run
  • changed Analysis tools restructured
  • changed Renamed debug.keepfiles setting to debug.keep_temp_files and better documented debug configuration

0.3.2 (2015-02-13)

  • new Run setting model_override allows specifying the path to a YAML file with overrides for the model configuration, applied at model initialization (path is given relative to the run configuration file used). This is in addition to the existing override setting, and is applied first (so override can override model_override).
  • new Run settings output.save_constraints and output.save_constraints_options
  • new Run setting parallel.post_run
  • changed Solution column names more in line with model component names
  • changed Can specify more than one output format as a list, e.g. output.format: ['csv', 'hdf']
  • changed Run setting parallel.additional_lines renamed to parallel.pre_run
  • changed Better error messages and CLI error handling
  • fixed Bug on saving YAML files with numpy dtypes fixed
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

0.3.1 (2015-01-06)

  • Fixes to time_functions
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

0.3.0 (2014-12-12)

  • Python 3 and Pyomo 4 are now minimum requirements
  • Significantly improved documentation
  • Improved model solution management by saving to HDF5 instead of CSV
  • Calculate shares of technologies, including the ability to define groups for the purpose of computing shares
  • Improved operational mode
  • Simplified time_tools
  • Improved output plotting, including dispatch, transmission flows, and installed capacities, and added model configuration to support these plots
  • r can be specified as power or energy
  • Improved solution speed
  • Better error messages and basic logging
  • Better sanity checking and error messages for common mistakes
  • Basic distance-dependent constraints (only implemented for e_loss and cost of e_cap for now)
  • Other improvements and fixes

0.2.0 (2014-03-18)

  • Added cost classes with a new set k
  • Added energy carriers with a new set c
  • Added conversion technologies
  • Speed improvements and simplifications
  • Ability to arbitrarily nest model configuration files with import statements
  • Added additional constraints
  • Improved configuration handling
  • Ability to define timestep options in run configuration
  • Cleared up terminology (nodes vs locations)
  • Improved TimeSummarizer masking and added new masks
  • Removed technology classes
  • Improved operational mode with results output matching planning mode and dynamic updating of parameters in model instance
  • Working parallel_tools
  • Improved documentation
  • Apache 2.0 licensed
  • Other improvements and fixes

0.1.0 (2013-12-10)

  • Some semblance of documentation
  • Usable built-in example model
  • Improved and working TimeSummarizer
  • More flexible masking for TimeSummarizer
  • Ability to add additional constraints without editing core source code
  • Some basic test coverage
  • Working parallel run configuration system

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